About Us

We are a Civil Engineering Company with a Difference. We do Civil Engineering business in various capacities namely as Builders, Developers, Infrastructure Development, Civil Construction Contractors and also a One Stop Solution provider for all Civil Problems.

FBO started this business with a Unique & Uncommon concept which has yet to receive the attention which it richly deserves. The FBO, as an innovative business proposition, intends to achieve Social Equity with Profitability.

We know that this is a big challenge and tough adventure. The FBO with its committed Core team strives to make this concept a workable reality adhering strictly to its core principles namely, Professionalism, Quality, Innovation, Transparency, Integrity and Commitment, in every stage of its business.

FBO firmly believes that the genesis of synergies can be achieved at various areas / levels through teamwork and network, which in turn leads to optimum utilization of all our resources and resourcefulness and thereby to achieve the best of the outcome for all our decisions. FBO believes and practises the Holistic approach in Decision Making.

The name of the Company, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and OF THE PEOPLE, suggests that it is being built on the secure foundation of participatory democracy in which all stakeholders -- those who invest (small as well as big) in the form of Capital, those who buy houses, flats and sites/plots in its layouts, and those who are neither developers nor buyers but are affected by the construction projects of the Company through eco-environmental implications of the Projects – will have their say in the activities of the Company.

Provision is made for the participation of these stakeholders at all the critical stages of each individual project from its conception stage to the final allotment stage. It is a Civil Engineering Company with a difference in another sense too; being a business form, it strives to take care of the interests of all its members and buyers on the principle of “inclusive development with equity” without causing damage to the surrounding natural environment which has inter-generational implications. Profit does not make it blind to the environment. Our concern for the environment may be appreciated in the current context of growth-obsessed globalization, in which some of the profit-obsessed, socially and ethically neutral mega corporations have been causing incalculable and irreparable damage to the natural environment. In this regard the observation made by Havelock Ellis is worth recalling. He says that “the Sun, Moon and the Stars would have disappeared long ago …. had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands”.

FBO, in course of time wants to spread this people-centered idea beyond the geographical boundaries of Karnataka State and India. The Company with a view to making itself a broad-based, intends to enlist both small and big investors with their share contribution of Two lakh rupees to a high of One crore rupees and above.

FBO thinks and believes that, the business of business is not only business in terms of maximizing profits but of going beyond it in safeguarding the interests of the living as well as of the unborn generations, by making its social responsibility broad-based enough to include the sustainability of nature on which the perpetuation of the human race for centuries to come, depends.

FBO urges all of us to sincerely commit ourselves to this humane idea and strive together to make the overall environment of which we are all integral and inseparable part- to ensure a healthy and happy life for all.


Our service motto - Anticipate and exceed customer expectations

Civil Engineering and Construction

We undertake all kinds of civil engineering construction works including structural design, repair works, water proofing and others.

Marketing and Sales

We are a certified real estate marketing agents on Magicbricks.com. We undertake marketing of flats/aparments, houses, and rental properties.

Land Procurement

We undertake land procurement for interested companies involved in housing projects, solar projects, industrial projects and for any other purpose.

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